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Дата сообщенияСреда, 28 Апрель 2021 06:57
АвторPipka Big
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Эксперт сказал, что Боуи

Pipka Big
9 часов назад
That's a comparison between two fully different knives: navaja-like knife and bowie knife. The first one isn't for chopping or batoning for sure because of even a tri-ad lock cannot withstand hard usage. The price is also quite different.
Just a small question. Is Walkabout from Down Under Knives a bowie knife or not? I bought it recently but still not sure is it a right bowie or not because I'm not familiar with such knives at all.

Donnie B All Day
9 часов назад
First, to say the XL Espada cannot withstand hard usage after I have filmed multiple videos where I subject it to hard damage and it remains in perfect condition is something you just watched with your own eyes proving that comment wrong. Second, yes. The Walkabout is a Bowie.